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Can this be done in FMP?

Question asked by mattb on Dec 5, 2009
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Can this be done in FMP?


Is it possible to associate a script trigger or otherwise run a script from an assigned key on the keyboard?  I'm thinking of something along

the lines of pressing the F1 key in a Windows app will trigger the appearance of a help window.  The closest I see is that On Object Keystroke

will run a script and the first line of the script can check to see what key was pressed.  But that's not quite what I'm aiming for here.  I

would like to be able to press a key (any of the "F" function keys, for example) and run a script, without ever having clicked on any

object in the layout with the mouse.  Also this would necessarily be independent of any shortcut key assigned in a pulldown menu. 


Is this possible?  




Matt Bloomfield