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    Can this be done with FM Pro 12?



      Can this be done with FM Pro 12?


      I'm playing with the demo of FMpro 12. What I'm tying to do is recreate this website


      I'm sure it can be done. I'm wondering about the complexity. I plan on integrating it into wordpress.  I look forward to your reply.

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          IF there's already a web site for it, why do you need to recreate it?

          Would this also be published as a web site or just as a database? (both can be done here)

          The webiste shows a search form that could be replicated both in just Filemaker or as a database that is published to the web for access via a web browser. Thus, it would appear something that can be done with FileMaker but I don't have any way to know if YOU can do it with FileMaker or not as that will depend on what knowledge and skills in database and website design you already have or if you would be hiring someone to create the solution for you.

          Don't know anything about Wordpress, so I can't comment about that.

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            I want to create something similar not that site exactly different industry.  That was just the best example.  It'll have less fields.  I'm not a big database guy that's why I was looking at FM  Pro 12.  Looked to be pretty user friendly.   As far as my skills i know basic web languages html, css, some php not too big on DB. This would be pubished to a website.

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              Take a look at the document on Instant Web Publishing. If you've downloaded the free 30 day trial of FileMaker, you'll find it in the help menu. You can also find it by clicking the downloads link at the top of this screen and navigating to the documents section.

              Read that for a more indepth description of Instant Web publishing and you would set it up. You can also experiment with the 30 day free trial to see if you can get it to work for you or not.

              While simple things can be set up in Filemaker even when done by a novice users, more complex projects still require a decent working knowledge of FileMaker and relational database design. You may find that you'll need to invest time and $$ in training materials and/or a book on the subject. We'll be glad to  help with answers to sepcific questions, but the forum is no substitute for acquiring a broader understanding of how FileMaker works from training tutorials and/or books on the subject.