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Can this be done?

Question asked by LuisN on Jun 19, 2010
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Can this be done?


Hey Guys, its getting there.. this time i am actually re-doing everything so its a lot more organized.


Ok, so what i have now , i want to know if this can happen.


When choosing a "Product Number" its a drop down menu. i have a field in my Portal that auto fills the Description of that Product Number that i chose. Now, there is another Drop down menu called Ref #, and this pulls a Ref # drop down list which works. Now, the Description which is the SAME field that auto fills when choosing Product Number but this time b/c im choosing a Ref #, it auto fills from another Table inside the same DB.


Right now the Description field has Inventory::Description and Auto fills when choosing Product #.

I want tried doing


Inventory::Description or Ifempty (Inventory::Product Number) here is where i wish there was a button that said THEN Inventory Special Orders::Description to be filled.


is that possible to do a THEN? if a field product number is empty??


did i explain that well?