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Can This be done?

Question asked by OwenKlingdon on Jul 6, 2010
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Can This be done?



I have a contact question.  I have a database with organizations in one table, people that are part of the organization in a second one.  So my organization might have a principal, and different advisors (2-3).  Over time people move around between organizations.  So I think it's best to keep the people in a seperate table.  However ultimately I'd like to be able to send an email to a principal partway through the project going "just to let you know advisor1 and advisor 2 are doing a great job on the project we expect it to go smoothly etc.  Where the first names of the applicable advisors would be put in almost like a merge, and of course the principals name too.  My question is maybe one of where to write that out of.  If I go from the context of people then it won't find the multiple advisors, however there could be 1,2,3 advisors in any given organization, how do I make sure I get them all if I go from the context of the organizations.  Thanks in advance.