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    Can this be done?



      Can this be done?


      hey guys,


      i been reading about filemaker and looks very appealing, and basically to take the desicion to buy, i would like some help from you guys to clear something out for me.

      i want to use the combination of filemaker pro and server, to make like an internal intranet type, but only for purchasing department.

      i will crate a database of standard products the company uses, and employees from any division of the company can log into the server area dedicated to his division (products only for that division) and create a purchase order based on the products on the database.

      can this be achived?


      thank you for your help

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          This  can actually be achieved by using FileMakerPro only. When you create a database you go to File>Sharing and define the rules.

          For instance, you can create "Plastics Div" "Golf Div" and "Football Div" user groups.

          In your databases go to File>Sharing>FileMakerNetwork and you can select which user or group of users can access. You can then also set whether or not they are read only users, or full access users too. 

           For example you name your databases plastic, golf, and football.

          In the Football Sharing menu you select the 'Football Div' user group, and define their privileges as you need. You can also select the 'Golf' and 'Plastic' and deny their access. 

          Hope this helps. 

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            Yes this can be done with FileMaker. The key question is can YOU do it with FileMaker? You might download the free trial copy and try to get it to work for you. There are starter solutions that come with it for invoices and purchase orders you might look at to get some ideas as to how this might be done. They won't work for you right out of the box--you'll have to do some design work and you will likely need to plan on investing some time and effort in learning how to do this in FileMaker.

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              hi guys


              thank you very much for your input.

              i asked about this because if it can be done, it's a sure thing we will get filemaker pro.

              the reason i asked about server is because i need a machine runing all the time, for people to access.

              now if i have filemaker in 1 machine, do i need to install it in all the machines that will have access to the database?

              i am downloading the trial right now.


              thanks a lot guys for the information, it's very much appreciated.

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                There are two main ways to share a FileMaker Database.

                1. You install FileMaker Pro on each client machine and use the Open Remote option to find and open any files you have hosted from FileMaker Server (or even a copy of FileMaker Pro if you have just a few users).

                2. You can "publish" the database and clients can access it with web browsers. There are two options here Instant Web Publishing and Custom Web publishing. Web published databases are more work to set up and your user interface has to work within the limitations of a web browser which restricts you from design options that work with straight FileMaker--so you'll want to research this option carefully.
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                  thanks a lot phil.