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Can this be done??? Please help me :)

Question asked by hopkinsprinting on Sep 28, 2012
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Can this be done??? Please help me :)


     First let me say that I am a novice so please bear with me.

          I have a FM database that after adding a record and entering some info into one field ("job number"), I want FM to reach out to a Progress/OpenEdge database and "pull" information from it back to the FM database to auto-populate two other fields ("customer name" and "project name" which corresponds to the info in the "job number" field).  These 3 fields are simple text fields.

          I have the driver/ODBC data source added in the "Manage ODBC Data Sources" window.  Using the "Import Records" feature, It seems that I can import records (although I haven't tried to) from the Progress DB (I can explore all of its tables/fields) but can't seem to add a table from it to the FM database (I get an error stating that the "ODBC data source type is not supported.").


          1. Is what I want to do possible?  If not, is there a workaround?  If either is yes, can anyone give me step by step instructions?
          2. Is adding a table from the Progress DB even necessary?
          3. Given what I am trying to achieve, in the database world, what is this called?  Am I importing records or is this a query or...?
          4. Am I doing about this the wrong way?

          Please help me and thank you in advance!