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Can you "dress up" a Table View layout in FMP 11?

Question asked by dennjon on Jun 12, 2012
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Can you "dress up" a Table View layout in FMP 11?


Table View works great for a few print-outs we create daily in our senior care business. It allows us to print out, say, a Kitchen page that has all the day's clients in rows alphabetically and related columns showing food allergies, special diets, etc.  However, one thing I'd like to add is some external text (external to the DB fields) where staff can print the date, their initials, AM/PM, etc.  These are not fields, per se, but text that I'd like to see at the bottom of each page. So far, I haven't found a way to add any "dressing" to a Table View; I just get the spreadheet look with rows and columns.  Is there a way to make such enhancements in Table View?

I'm using FMP 11.0v4.