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Can you link records in FM

Question asked by Scooter62 on Jan 14, 2010
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Can you link records in FM


I have created a Filemaker database (version 8.5 running on MacOS 10.4.11) that tracks the production of jobs for a printing company. Occasionally, two or more jobs--which are identical in every way except for the job number and the the desired finished quantity--should be treated as if they were combined into one production job for particular processes (They are, for example printed all at once on the press), but retain their status as separate jobs for other processes, and for accounting, etc.


My questions is: Is there a way to link two, three or four records, so that they could be treated as one record during certain processes, but still retain their separate job status for other processes and for billing? For example, when a production employee changes the status of one job, it would change the status of the other linked jobs. Or, when he charges time to one of the linked jobs, the total time could be spread over all the linked jobs.