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    can you merge tables?



      can you merge tables?


      I've created 2 tables with many fields, and I now realize they belong in the same table.  Is it possible to merge the two into one?

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             You can copy and paste the fields. Then you can import into the other table matching on your ID.
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            It sounds like you're saying no, correct?


            You're saying copy and paste the fields in the Layout? and just have the 2 tables remain separate with a relational ID?


            (I'm using Filemaker Pro, not FMP Advanced) 

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              Sorry. You can create the fields in the table. Then go to the layout of a TO where you want to import into. Then choose File --> Import. Select the same file that you have open. Choose the other table as the source and use the import option of 'Update matching records'. It will make you designate what fields you want to base the match on.


              So yes you can.

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                   aaah.... But I still have to re-create the fields in the new table one by one, correct?  I can't somehow import them, or copy paste them?  I've created a whole bunch of fields in the other table, with pretty specific calculations, and don't want to have to re-do that work if possible.
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                  If you have FMP advanced, you can copy fields ( or groups of fields ) and paste them into another table.


                  Without advanced, you can at least copy the calculation expressions one at a time.

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                       Simply copying and pasting the fields can be done quite simply with Advanced. I would suggest you get one copy if you plan on continued development. However, if not then perhaps you can find someone who has advanced and ask them if they can copy the fields to ther table for you. ;)