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Can you save a "find request" as a variable?

Question asked by maser on Aug 10, 2012
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Can you save a "find request" as a variable?


THis is probably a simple question, but I've not found (yet) how to do it...


Using FIleMaker 12...


I want to do a chart of some data (which is easy), by doing a find request in the "date" field (ie, 2010...2012) over a range of dates (but may also be a single date - which is also easy.)


But, when I display the chart, I want the *title* of the chart -- to be the value of what I am doing the find request for the date range.  If it's a single date, that's obviously easy.   But what if it's a range of dates?


Is there a way to store the value that's entered in a field for a find request into a variable and regurgitate that value somewhere else? 


It would seem like that should be possible, but I'm not seeing the easy way to do that.