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Can you script this?

Question asked by RobbWright on Nov 17, 2011
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Can you script this?


I have a database of about a thousand records imported from an Excel spreadsheet where several fields were filled with either checkmarks (√) or x's. I would like to instead express that data as a single field with several corresponding checkboxes. I have no trouble creating such a field and populating it with the relevant value list, but it's getting all the checkmarks in that kills me -  it would be a lot of work to manually convert that data from the several existing individual fields. 

Does anyone know if there is a scripting function whereby I could automate this process in the software - ie have it, for each record, look up the values for each of the relevant individual fields and enter a check or not for the corresponding checkbox in the new field? Forgive me if this is scripting 101, but I'm more on the design side so go easy on me...thanks