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    Can you script this?



      Can you script this?


      I have a database of about a thousand records imported from an Excel spreadsheet where several fields were filled with either checkmarks (√) or x's. I would like to instead express that data as a single field with several corresponding checkboxes. I have no trouble creating such a field and populating it with the relevant value list, but it's getting all the checkmarks in that kills me -  it would be a lot of work to manually convert that data from the several existing individual fields. 

      Does anyone know if there is a scripting function whereby I could automate this process in the software - ie have it, for each record, look up the values for each of the relevant individual fields and enter a check or not for the corresponding checkbox in the new field? Forgive me if this is scripting 101, but I'm more on the design side so go easy on me...thanks

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          You don't even need a script. You could use the calculation option in Replace Field Contents to use the contents of a group of fields to generate a return separated list of values that you could then format as a check box group and the list of values would then produce the expected selections in the checkboxes.

          Say you have three fields named: Apple; Orange; Pear

          And if there is data in the Apple field, you want your check box field to show "Apple" with a check box and so on for the other two fields.

          Use this calculation to load a separate text field with the needed list of values:

          List ( IF ( Not IsEmpty ( YourTable::Apple ) ; "Apple" ) ; If ( Not IsEmpty ( YourTable::Orange ) ; "Orange" ) ; If ( Not IsEmpty ( YourTable::Pear ) ; "Pear" ) )

          Then format this field as a checkbox group with "Apple" ; "Pear" and "Orange" as its value list and you'll have combined the three separate fields with (√) or x's into a single field formatted as a check box group.

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            Thanks for such a useful and prompt response Phil. I've done what you suggest, the only thing is that it's making no distinction between √'s and x's - it checks the boxes either way. How would I modify it such that it responds only to checkmarks? I'm assuming there's something that replaces "Not IsEmpty", but I'd be groping beyond that...

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              Also, is there any way to bake this in as hard data? In other words, once the info is extracted from the other fields, delete them and have this field function as a normal alterable checkbox field? I probably should have mentioned that need from the start. 

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                what difference does that difference between a tick and an x represent?

                You can certainly use YourTable::Field = "x" to check specifically for that character, but now you have three possible values, an x, a check and empty and a group of check box values only has two possible values: selected or not selected.

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                  In the original spreadsheet an x just meant no, and a √ meant yes, In some records the field was left blank when the info was indeterminate, but those fields can be edited manually as that info emerges. 

                  I have implemented the alteration you suggested and it's working properly now - thanks again. Now I just have to somehow make the data independent of the original fields - any suggestions there?

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                    If the calculation is stored, then after it calculates the result, you change the field from calculation to text and the values wll persist.

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                      If you use this within a replace field contents operation, the result is fully independent of the original fields. It's data in a text field you can edit as needed after the fact. And you can even delete the original separate fields unless you will be doing additional data imports.

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                        Yes, you're right - I just changed the filed to a straight text field and the data is still there and alterable - fantastic. Thanks for all the help!