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Can you specify a range for each separate record in a field?

Question asked by trevmeister55 on Mar 31, 2010
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Can you specify a range for each separate record in a field?




I am very new to FM and using the 30-day free trial to see if I'll be able to accomplish what I need before I purchase the program.  I am trying to use the database to help me match up students with scholarships they are eligible for.  I have created one database with two tables (Students and Scholarships) and they each contain some unique fields (i.e., student first name and student last name only in Students table; scholarship name and scholarship deadline only in Scholarships table), as well as fields common to both tables to determine eligibility (i.e., age, grade, GPA, race, gender, etc.).


When I am entering the records in the Scholarships table, many of the fields will have a range for the elibility criteria (i.e., ages 15-20, grades 10-12, minimum GPA 3.5, race Asian or Pacific Islander, etc.).  Is there a way to enter the "range" of specific information for each record?  Ultimately, I'd like to be able to choose any student and generate a list of all the scholarships he/she is eligible for, and also choose any scholarship and get a list of all the students who are eligible for it.  I understand it will be a "many to many" relationship.


Sorry if I have not used the correct terminology.  As I said, I'm VERY new to this, although I consider myself a fast learner!


Thanks so much!