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    Can you update a runtime solution



      Can you update a runtime solution



      I have a runtime database for both Mac and Windows... At some stage I will have to make changes or upgrade the solution.

      Right now if I was going to make changes to the database, whether it be changes to the layout or adding new function, I would most probably make a new runtime, install it and then import the previous versions data through the .USR file or a copy of it.  

      Are there files (same bind key) that can be replaced in both the Mac and Windows runtimes (installed and replaced by an installer program) that achieves the same thing, without installing a whole new runtime?


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          After generating your run time file, take a copy of it (you can change the extension back to FP7 if you want) and use that copy for future upgrades. Then, when you are ready to deploy an update, simply make a copy, change the extension back and swap files. This copy will retain the bindiing key added during the original run time creation. This will update the file's design, but any changes to data made by your users since the last update will be lost.

          To preserve data updates, you'd still need to run your import script. If you choose to use a data separation model where one file has all your layouts, scripts and value lists while a second file stores the data, you can deploy a very large percentage of your updates just by swapping the interface file with all the layouts etc--leaving the data file unchanged.

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            I will lay around with this for a while.  I am told that the FM data separation databases do not function as good as they should... is this correct?

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              What do you mean by "do not function good as they should"? Haven't heard that comment before...

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                Hi Phil,

                I am currently trying to test a runtime upgrade. I am using the steps below, which I found under Filemaker help.

                However I am having trouble understanding them. To clarify in step 2 does this mean to dump the whole folder from the old runtime into this new "old solutions" folder? And for the script, by extension does it mean the unique extension I created ".srt" or should this be the original "fp7"? Lastly I did get the script to finally take me to an import screen, however, it will only import fields for the table that layout is associated with, and only manually. I thought these instructions were for an "automatic upgrade of the runtime" and a full data import from the old runtime (meaning multiple tables at once). My customers for this are students and they are not going to want to do manual imports every time they upgrade.


                If you have done this or have any ideas as to how to do this I would appreciate the help. I am still an amature developer so I appreciate the assisstance!


                To prepare your upgraded solution for importing data:
                Create a folder named “Old Solution Files” inside the folder that contains the new runtime solution database files.
                Place copies of the old runtime solution database files in the Old Solution Files folder.
                In each upgraded file, create a script to convert the old solution file and import records from it to the new file.
                The functionality of the script should include:
                Convert File [<filename of the old version of the solution file>]
                Import Records [<old filename with the new solution’s extension>]
                Close File [<old filename with the new solution’s extension>]
                Add a button to activate the script.