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Can you use SQL In Fm Pro?

Question asked by amac44 on Mar 1, 2010
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Can you use SQL In Fm Pro?


I'm an absolute newbie with Fm Pro, but I'm experienced with databases in general.


I'm trying to export data from a 75k record Fm Pro database (using Fm Pro 10 - trial version) and the csv and tab delimited exports have some problems, so I've been trying to identify the problem records.  I think I can do this pretty easily with SQL (to find records containing a field over a certain length for example), but I don't see any way to run a SQL query on the Fm database that is open, like I could in MS Access.  Is there a way to do this?  Looks like there's some way to execute queries via ODBC, but I don't see how that would help me here.