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Can't access certain fields when in layout mode

Question asked by deathrobot on Jul 26, 2013
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Can't access certain fields when in layout mode


     When performing a "select all" in layout mode, I found several invisible fields that are off to the right side of the layout (in the gray area). I want to delete these, but cannot select them directly. They seem to be somehow connected to one or more fields in a portal which is in a tab; I can only highlight the invisible fields when I select the whole tab control and everything in it. I've tried dragging over that whole tab control (which selects the invisible fields) and than shift-dragging over the tab control, thinking I'd be left with just the invisible fields selected and I could then delete them, but there are always fields in some of the tabs that won't deselect. Is there a way to select the invisible fields by name? Or a trick when selecting and deselecting tab controls?