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    Can't Add a new line at portal



      Can't Add a new line at portal


      Dear all,

      I am new with FM, and trying to get my form working properly. 

      I forgot a database can contain many forms, therefore, I created forms individually.  The forms are: sample, maker, purchase order, sample invoice.  The following steps were created at layout mode.

      [The PO form is created in Chinese, so I use red in English wording to let you know the fields.]


      1. In "Purchase Order" form, I want maker information automatic enter into the maker session when I enter maker's company name.  So I set the relationship as following:

      Purchase order:company name = Maker::maker name

      Well, it works fine.  The question here is I actually want to use maker ID instead of enter the name, but I don't want the maker ID to be showed when PO is printed out.  How can I do it?  Or is there another way that I can just enter part of maker's name in PO, but still able to retrive maker's information from Maker form?

      2. Portal problem (the big issue)

      I want to enter the quantity and item number, then the unit, manufactor #(if any), description and unit price will be retrived from Sample form, which means the protal is based on Sample form.

      The quantity & item # fields in protal is by entering, not retriving from any other table/form.

      So the relationship is like: Sample::Customer item number = Purchase order:item number.  The 1st row works fine, but can't add the 2nd row.

      If I check "allow to creat the record with the relationship" at both forms (or at Sample form side) , the 2nd line shows, but only 2nd line, not 3rd and rest.  However, I can't enter new item number, because it will repeat the 1st line item, and the unit, description & unit price are not showed.

      Besides that, I actually don't want the new record in PO form to be created into Sample form.

      How should I do to solve this problem?

      3. Actually, I want to put all forms into one file.  I tried it, but I had to layout everything again.  Anyway to import the form with layout so I don't have to do it again?

      I am really stuck here, and hope the above information is clear.  Many thanks for your help. 



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          I actually want to use maker ID instead of enter the name, but I don't want the maker ID to be showed when PO is printed out.

          Use a two column value list that hides column 1 (maker names must be unique), and format the field as a pop up menu. Selecting a value from this list will enter the ID, but display the name.

          Or select the ID field and select "Hide when printing" in the Inspector (Sliding and visibility on the Position tab).

          Once you have that option working, you may want to consider a more ambitious design that allows you to "enter a few letters of the maker name" and yet a script finds and enters the matching ID:  Tutorial: How to use an auto-complete drop down list when selecting records related by ID number

          2. Portal problem

          I don't see a key relationship here. You should have these relationships:


          Where POLineItems lists the individual items from the purchase order in a portal and looks up price and other details from the Sample table.

          Heres a simple Invoicing Demo file (Invoices have the same basic structure as Purchase Orders), created by Comment that illustrates this approach. Compare it's design to your own to see how it works: