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Can't Add a new line at portal

Question asked by AnneLin on Oct 11, 2010
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Can't Add a new line at portal


Dear all,

I am new with FM, and trying to get my form working properly. 

I forgot a database can contain many forms, therefore, I created forms individually.  The forms are: sample, maker, purchase order, sample invoice.  The following steps were created at layout mode.

[The PO form is created in Chinese, so I use red in English wording to let you know the fields.]


1. In "Purchase Order" form, I want maker information automatic enter into the maker session when I enter maker's company name.  So I set the relationship as following:

Purchase order:company name = Maker::maker name

Well, it works fine.  The question here is I actually want to use maker ID instead of enter the name, but I don't want the maker ID to be showed when PO is printed out.  How can I do it?  Or is there another way that I can just enter part of maker's name in PO, but still able to retrive maker's information from Maker form?

2. Portal problem (the big issue)

I want to enter the quantity and item number, then the unit, manufactor #(if any), description and unit price will be retrived from Sample form, which means the protal is based on Sample form.

The quantity & item # fields in protal is by entering, not retriving from any other table/form.

So the relationship is like: Sample::Customer item number = Purchase order:item number.  The 1st row works fine, but can't add the 2nd row.

If I check "allow to creat the record with the relationship" at both forms (or at Sample form side) , the 2nd line shows, but only 2nd line, not 3rd and rest.  However, I can't enter new item number, because it will repeat the 1st line item, and the unit, description & unit price are not showed.

Besides that, I actually don't want the new record in PO form to be created into Sample form.

How should I do to solve this problem?

3. Actually, I want to put all forms into one file.  I tried it, but I had to layout everything again.  Anyway to import the form with layout so I don't have to do it again?

I am really stuck here, and hope the above information is clear.  Many thanks for your help.