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Can't add data to last line of portal in v10

Question asked by maxrivers on Oct 26, 2009
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Can't add data to last line of portal in v10


Sorry if this is a newbie question. I've worked in FM v5 for years, and just upgraded to 10.


I'm creating an acupuncture clinic system, and have 4 files:

   1)Acupuncturists: AID, AName, ALastName

   2)Patients: PID, PName, PLastName

   3) Scheduled Appointment Line Items: SID,PID,AID,DT,Time

   4) Appointment Schedule which has a DT field, and then a portal with:

        SID, ::DT,::TIME,::AID,::PID from 3 above, and uses 1 above to translate AID into  ::AName and 2 above to translatePID into ::PNAME.


When I put a date in 4's date field, it populates the portal with all the appointments in 3 for that date, and shows the patient's and Acupuncturists names, but there's no way to add a new appointment at the bottom of the portal, which is what I want to do.


Also, if I change the ::AID number or the ::PID number in a line, it updates the names, but it isn't reasonable to expect the receptionist to remember all the patient's numbers. How would I reasonably do a lookup in the portal line?


Thanks, Max.