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    Can't add new record.



      Can't add new record.


           I am trying to migrate my MS Acess DB's to FMP 13 Adv.

           I have run into a problem with a very simple DB listing my books.

           Allow creating new records is ticked for Authors.

           I have a list view layout based on books with all fields except Author for which I have Authors::Name.

           This works perfectly in browse mode and reports, but when I enter a new book, using either a current Author Name or new author I get the error "This field cannot be modified until 'Author' is given a valid value.

           I note the relationship graph shows a many to many relationalship, all my books have only one author, so should be a one to many.

           Can anyone steer in the the right direction please

           Thank you for your time.



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               Click on the little relationship box - there are options about "Allow creation of records in this table via this relationship" and a deletion option.

               Also the Author field in Books Table is an ID or text field unique to the book.

               Most often developers will have unique IDs created when record is created.

               They often name the main table ID "MainID" and the other table "OtherMainID" for clarity.

               The first five links in this list are very helpful when starting FMP design