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Can't add new record.

Question asked by tkf on Apr 17, 2014
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Can't add new record.


     I am trying to migrate my MS Acess DB's to FMP 13 Adv.

     I have run into a problem with a very simple DB listing my books.

     Allow creating new records is ticked for Authors.

     I have a list view layout based on books with all fields except Author for which I have Authors::Name.

     This works perfectly in browse mode and reports, but when I enter a new book, using either a current Author Name or new author I get the error "This field cannot be modified until 'Author' is given a valid value.

     I note the relationship graph shows a many to many relationalship, all my books have only one author, so should be a one to many.

     Can anyone steer in the the right direction please

     Thank you for your time.