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    Can't afford to keep up with new versions



      Can't afford to keep up with new versions


      Hey all...
      Just a comment, maybe a bitch and whine...
      Ver. 7 was released in 2004
      Ver. 8 in 2005
      Ver. 8.5 in 2006
      Ver. 9 in 2008
      Ver. 10 in 2009
      Ver. 11 in 2010

      Working for a small company where I am the only one who knows what Filemaker is, keeping up to date with each version is almost impossible. How does one justify an expenditure like this? lol, having the ability to create a chart from my data hardly seems a good reason to spend another few hundred for V11

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          Dont spend it then.



          We have a site licence which has free uprades. If you are using it for a business critical system its well worth the money. Especially compared to the total cost of ownwership for a comparable system written in Microsoft SQL server with a VB front end with crystal reports or something along those lines.


          FM11 has loads of other useful stuff in it and it seems to be a little stronger and more stable than its predecssors for things like data processing and web hosting.

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            We have just gone down this route too - we have annual licences with maintenance.  This is a good route to spread costs and ensure you have the latest version.  Life cycle of IT software is short and with each new version significant extras are added.  


            FMP 11 is, for me, a much better product as a newish developer.  I usually hate change but not found this a great product!  my only gripe so far is the new properties interface - it would be good to be able to resize so you can see long field names.