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Can't automatically update SQL Field

Question asked by SimonIvarsson on Aug 12, 2012


Can't automatically update SQL Field


This is my first post and im a real beginner, som Im sorry if anything in my question is weird or wrong.

So now to the problem.

Im using filemaker pro 11 to launch jobs to a production server using xml.

This production server has a SQL 2005 that I want to connect to to get status information of the job back.

The problem is that my filmaker doesn't automatically update those feilds that get it's data from the SQL.

Connection info if needed:

To connect to my AE servers SQL I have installed ODBC Administrator on my mac.
Because i need it on my mac, don't I?

Im using a SQL driver from "Actual technologies" for my connection.

And then in Filemaker I have made a relation between OrderID <-> OrderID