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Can't close any windows in compiled version

Question asked by mattb on Nov 30, 2009
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Can't close any windows in compiled version


I've been working with FMP Advanced 10.0v3 for Mac OSX.  Since yesterday, all of the compiled runtime versions of the app I'm working on

have the red close button grayed out and inactive on all windows.  I can close the app from the pulldown menu, but not any of the windows. 

The orange minimize and green maximize buttons are still active.  This is not the case in the development environment, only in compiled

runtime versions.


I had this problem earlier, but it seemed to have gone away on its own without my making any particular efforts to solve it, but now it's

back and happens all the time.  Obviously the ability for the user to close windows is a basic one and this shouldn't be happening.  Anybody

have a clue as to what causes this?  And how to fix it?





Matt Bloomfield