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Can't create next row in the portal

Question asked by xtremu on Jan 12, 2011
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Can't create next row in the portal


Hi guys please help,

I am using Filemaker Pro 11 advanced and I want to add second, third, fourth .... or up to 1000 rows in the portal.

This is to monitor and record the time of the students (entry and leaving ) thecampus in the "TimeIn" and "TimeOut" field based on the Access Logtable/layout.

I have only twotables: Student table/layout andAccess Log table/layout  

Relationship isStudent::StudentID=Access Log::StudentID

Below is the script and picture of the first and second entry of the student with TIME in (TIME In & TIME Out field) and that's ok but the third , fourth and so on entry got trouble, I cannot create another/next  portal row that hold/display  the time (TIME In & TIME Out field). If I made another entry, let's say third and fourth entry it only update the time in TimeOut field of the portal, it did not create another row which I need to do. I tried any suggetion in the forum but i can't figure out. I am new in scripting.

Thanks for the big help, more power FM.