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Can't create one to many relationship

Question asked by tlawson on Dec 14, 2012
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Can't create one to many relationship


     Obviously, I am new to FileMaker

     I created two tables:

  1.           Store
  3.           Locations

     I want to create a 1-to-many relationship between "Store" and "Locations".  I created a unique ID field on each table using a string with the formula "Get (UUID)".  The reason I'm not using serial numbers is that the database will be multiuser and I want to make sure values are unique (I'm not sure how FileMaker handles a multi-user environment with sequential numbers as the primary key).

     I also created a foreign key in the "Locations" table.  I linked the fk in the Locations table with the pk in the Store table.   I also created a portal to test the results (which appear to work).

     The problem is that when I go into the "Manage DB" and look at the "Relationships" tab, the relationship shows as a "many-to-many" relationship instead of the "one-to-many" I'm looking for.  How do I change the relationship or does it even really matter?