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    Can't create parent key



      Can't create parent key



           Sorry, newbie here. We've been creating tables and parent/child keys to start, but suddenly, we are no longer able to create a parent key. No matter in a table that already exists, or in a new testing table, as soon as we create and designate a parent key (__pkProductID) and try to drag it in the relationship graph, it immediately sees it as a child (when dragging, the triangle starts from the 'left hand side'.) All other parent keys we have created are fine and show the proper one-to-many relationship.


           I'm sure it is something simple, but...help!




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               In order for a field in the relationship graph to appear with a "single line connector" instead of "crows feet", it must either be defined as an auto-entered serial number field or have a unique values validation specified.

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                 Filemaker doesn't 'know' if a field is a parent key.  It uses a basic algorithm along the lines of  (I'm quoting the first post I found on the subject (David Jondreauat on fmforums):

            Straight line: When the field is defined as Auto-Enter or Validate Unique.
            T or Pipe: When field is defined as global or unstored.
            Crow's feet: Everything else


                 So- if you're seeing the crow's foot (or triangle), I'm guessing you have not set it to auto-enter serial numbers or otherwise be validate as unique in the 'options.'

                 Here's another post where Phil also says:

            Just because FileMaker shows "crows feet" on both ends of the relationship line, this does not mean that you have a many to many relationship nor that you have the wrong relationship set up. You get the "one to many look" of a single connecter line only if that field is an auto-entered serial number or if it has a unique values validation specified for it. That's info that "tells" FileMaker that it has to be one to many.


                 Edit: Aye Phil got here first with a pithier response to boot.