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    Can't create PDFs



      Can't create PDFs


      I'm trying to script a pdf but it's not working (although it used to work!)

      I have this script step 

      Save Records as PDF ["pdftest"; Records being browsed]

      with the output specification as: file:/users/chrisrichardson/desktop/pdftest

      I get this message:

      "pdftest" could not be created on this disk. Use a different name, make more room on the disk, unlock it or use a different disk

      I can save as PDF manually via the menus, and my computer is not locked and there is plenty of room. Thanks for any help



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          That generic error message can be very frustrating because any problem with the specified file path triggers the same error message. That means you'll have to very carefully check all the details here. Does this user account permit creating records on the desktop? Are you currently logged in as this user?

          Is pdftest a file name or a directory name?

          Seems like it's a directory name in your output specification, but used as a filename in your save records as script step, unless you forgot to show that you are using the file name "pdftest.pdf".

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            Thanks Phil...yes very frustrating particularly since I had it working no problems then suddenly it doesn't! (Something to do with a filemaker iphone app that stuffed up a lot of other things with my file as well...but that's another story).

            As far as users go, am the only one. I have no restrictions or locks on my drive. I can save to desktop with other files no problems. As I said, I can manually create a pdf with filemaker via the menus and save to desktop no worries. 

            pdftest is the file name...I did try it as file:/users/chrisrichardson/desktop/pdftest.pdf but that made no difference.

            As far as the rest of the file path goes I'm pretty sure it's correct but I will check again. 

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              To be more flexible for other users, and maybe to reduce the potential for typos in the path name, it might be useful to invest a few minutes building up the path name starting with the Get(DesktopPath) function, and tacking 'pdftest.pdf' on the end.