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    Can't delete a record without the program crashing



      Can't delete a record without the program crashing


      The program freezes each time I try to modify any of the fields in a specific record, or when I try and delete that record. After the first freeze/crash, I got this prompt -  "


      "(record name) is damaged, and cannot be opened. Use the recover command to recover this file." After the recovery, a prompt reassured me that no records or fields were lost. Then I opened it again and the same thing happens each time I try and modify or delete that single record. I can go into any other record and modify or delete it. Is there a way to copy the database, but omit that record from the copy? I have tried to export a copy and erase that same record over and over, but it just freezes the program... I have to force quit each time....


      What do I do???



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          Here's the "best practices method" step by step:


          Find an undamaged copy of this file. (Open it and delete some records to see if it crashes.)

          Save a clone of this file.

          Use Import Records to import all the records from all the tables in your recovered file into this clone.

          Test the clone and see if it works.


          If not, try finding all records in your recovered file and Omit the problem record. Then import these records into a clone file. The damaged record will not be imported and that may fix the problem.