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    Can't delete record



      Can't delete record


           Getting this error when I select & delete a record, same for all views

           How do I fix?


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               Exactly how are you "selecting and deleting" a record? Are you selecting "Delete Record" from the records menu or clicking a button to run a script?

               Does this layout have a custom menu installed that might perform a script instead of the standard menu option for deleting a record?

               This action could also trigger a number of different script triggers and one of the trigger performed scripts may have an issue that produces this error.

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                 This layout is the 'project' starter solution in filemaker 12. I haven't created additional scripts to delete records (or for anything else on this table).

                 I am using the delete record button on the toolbar, I delete records this way across all tables & this is the first time it's not working.



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                   What layout are you on in that starter solution when you attempt this?

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                     Desktop > Projects

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                       Have you made any changes to this file?

                       Are you using FileMaker 12 or 13? (The starter solutions differ in design with each version)

                       I can select delete record from the records menu while on this layout in the FIleMaker 13 version of this starter solution and do not get any error message.

                       Have you been making changes to the design of this database file?

                       There is a script trigger--OnRecordLoad that is tripped when you delete a record. Have you changed the script performed by that trigger?

                       Have you made changes in Manage | Database for this file?

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                         There was a change to a relationship that was pulling it up. Thanks Phil, legend.