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Can't Determine Average Based on a Summary Field

Question asked by Pine on Jun 10, 2009
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Can't Determine Average Based on a Summary Field


I have a funding table in which a student can receive *multiple* grants over time. (So each student in the student table can have multiple grant records in the funding table; each grant has a transaction id # [pk] in the funding table). When I total the grants per student with a summary field, it works - but when I try to figure the average amt. of grant funding received per student, I can't create a summary field, because I can't use a summary field (total) in creating a new summary field (average).


When I changed the original summary field (to add up each student's grants) to a calc field, it stopped working, because Sum (amount) only showed the total for each grant, not for all grants received by each student. 


How should I approach this? I'm stumped. I read about using GetSummary, but I couldn't get it to work. No matter how I try to define the average, it comes back as an average of each student's grants, not all students' grants.