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    Can't display the proper portal record



      Can't display the proper portal record


           I have a table of paintings, and a second table of limited reproductions of those paintings.

           I have a view that displays the information of the paintings, and a portal of the limited reproductions.

           I put a print button in the field of the limited reproduction portal, to bring me to a printable report with the painting's details, and the limited edition. 

           My problem is that I keep getting information from the top record in the portal, instead of the row that I have the print button on.

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               I use GoToRelatedRecord function with the "match current record only" selected, in the script for my button action.


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            So I have a layout view to print a certificate. It displays information about a painting, and the specific edition. I have the button in the portal of the limited editions. I wasn't able to sucessfully use the GoToRelatedRecord.

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                   Does your button appear on each portal?  Also it there and active field on the portal?  Did  you specify your print Layout in the GTRR script step?

                   From Help...


                   Suppose you have an Invoices table that's related to a Customers table and you're currently looking at a particular invoice. In the Invoices table, you have a button that's set to Go to Related Record [Customers]. Clicking this button determines which customer record your current invoice is related to and immediately goes to that record in the Customers table. If the record in question is not currently in the Customers table’s found set, the script can perform a find to make the record current.
                   Tip  If the related records cannot be found, this script step returns an error code which can be captured with the Get(LastError) function.
              This script step also works with portal rows. If this script step is used from an active portal row, and the portal’s table is the related table, then the related record in that table is made current. If the portal’s table is not the related table, the first related record in the found set is made current.
                   One of those conditions I questioned, might be the problem.
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                     Ok, your first comment was correct, I just wasn't using it correctly. Thanks for the help! Got it working!