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Can't download FMP 13.0.3 update in US

Question asked by brzasa on May 8, 2014


Can't download FMP 13.0.3 update in US


     Actually, I am still on 13.0.1 because when I received notification to update, I'm taken directly to the FMP site. I click the link, the download starts and it shows a 3 - 4 hour duration of time, then it just quits. This happened the last update, I must have tried a dozen times, waiting to well after the update was announced.

     I have no problem downloading large files from other sites, just FMP. This one obviously is a security update, so I would like to install. If this hadn't become a persistent problem, I would not have brought it up. Is there an alternate serve site that I can try so this won't go on for days like it has recently?