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Can't download my FM Pro purchase.

Question asked by NikkiMcAllen on Apr 17, 2011
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Can't download my FM Pro purchase.


Hello I can't successfully download my purchase of FM 11.  Tried six times or more, Firefox and Safari. OS 10.6.6

Speedtest says I have 1.6mbps connection, other downloads are fine, YouTube etc is fine. FILEMAKER gives me 20-30k at best and it fluctuates.  Fails each time about 100+ meg.  Can't call Tech Support from here on their 800 number.  Worried my link may expire....

Tried the Demo and it downloaded successfully but it was apparently (?) corrupted.  Only the flat database Starter Solutions worked, anything complicated like 'Invoice' had no text in the fields.

Trying to do this from Thailand.  There should be no reason Filemaker is different than a big download from YouTube or anything else I've tested, all work fine.

Please help, the time waste is killing me.