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Can't edit global container field (graphic)

Question asked by david583 on Feb 28, 2011
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Can't edit global container field (graphic)


FM Pro 10 & 11, Filemaker server 11, Shared Windows Network (XP & Vista & 7)

I have some global container fields that hold graphics for use through the database. Images are stored not just the reference.

With my full access account, in browse mode, I can edit these containers freely, deleting and insert/paste works fine.

None of my users can edit these fields. One particular privilege set (that I created) [Administrator] that I would like to be able to edit these fields cannot. The graphic can be deleted, but it will not allow an option to insert or paste into the field. The only function available is to insert a recording.

The [Administrator] privilege does allow edit/delete/create access to the table and fields required, it is only other users locked out by privilege. This same privilege set has no trouble editing other globals (text) on the same table and layout.

I am currently still working on this one on my pc, so it has not been mounted on the server yet. All access is from the same machine (windows XP sp3), the only difference is the sign in account.

Am I missing something, or are global containers only editable with a Full Access account?

Any help would be appreciated :)