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Can't enter data from USB external keypad

Question asked by drfoto on Sep 19, 2009
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Can't enter data from USB external keypad


I've been away from FMP for several years, so am running FMP 7v2 on a Macbook under Snow Leopard.

The very simple file I created runs fine, keeping track of numeric data.

Reaching for the number keys on the laptop is a drag, so I bought a USB numeric keypad.

The keypad works fine in other apps, but in FMP has a very strange behavior...

When in a number field and I press the keypad key, the number appears on the screen while the key is depressed,

but disappears instantly when the key is released!  The field won't hold the number value, just remains empty.


Anyone have any idea what this behavior represents, and/or what will be required to correct/circumvent it?

I really don't want to have to upgrade...