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Can't figure out field background formatting...

Question asked by sastickf_1 on Jan 25, 2013
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Can't figure out field background formatting...


     I have searched the existing forum posts and help documentation & can't seem to find an answer to this formatting problem.

     I have a listing layout that uses the "wave touch" theme and want to have a field (the "Bookmark For" field in the screenshot) displayed in each record with a white background (to visually indicate to the user that the field can be entered).  The problem I have encountered is that the white background only shows up for the current record.  I checked my prior layouts that are not designed for an iPad and they do not have this issue.  I copied & pasted a field from one of those layouts to this iPad layout and the same issue is still present... the white background is only visible for the current record.

     The attached screenshot is crude as the concept of bookmarks in my solution is just being developed, but it demonstrates the field formatting issue I am having.  Perhaps the solution is simple, but I can't seem to figure out what is fighting me.  (The screenshot was made while in the browse mode... I'm not sure why it still displays as being in the layout mode?!?)