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Can't figure out how to get this relationship to work properly

Question asked by JeremyWhitted on Nov 12, 2013
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Can't figure out how to get this relationship to work properly


     I'm stumped. I thought I had it right, but apparently not. I have two tables (relationship graph attached). One table is a series of unique registrations (childlist). The other (srmr) has monthly reports as records, one report per month per child (from the first table). What I'm trying to do is show fields from srmr on the childlist layout that matches CSR_CaseID to srmrcaseid AND CSR_ReportDate to srmr_report_date (those dates should match exactly).

     Here's the problem I'm having. I have a record in the childlist table that has 3 records in srmr, each one for a different month. I want the values from one of those to appear on the layout, based on whatever month is shown in the ReportDate field. But I can't get anything other than the first record in srmr to display, regardless of the value of CSR_ReportDate.

     What am I doing wrong here? Is there something I have to do to trigger the values to update? In the past, changing the value of one field would change what I needed. But I've never tried when I'm matching two sets of fields.

     Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've been searching for a couple hours with no luck. I'm pretty sure I'm missing something simply, I just can't find it.