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Can't figure out how to make a certain relationship work

Question asked by TPlemons on Jul 25, 2009
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Can't figure out how to make a certain relationship work


I'm new to FileMaker Pro, and trying to create a basic job costing system for my business. I've made most everything work, but this piece is alluding me.


I want to cost the time spent by different employees doing each task on a given job at their specific hourly rates. To do this, I created an Employee table listing their names, positions, hourly rates. Then, in my job costing table I have it set so I can select the employee who did each task through a pop-up... there are six distinct tasks in this process. The cost for that task is a calculation of the hours spent times the employee's rate. In order to create these different task relationships in the relationships graph, I had to duplicate the job costing table for each new task relationship... it would only let me relate the job cost table to the employee table once.


The result I am getting is that the employee listed for the first task (which is related from the original job cost table to the employee table) properly calculates a cost for the task. If that employee does any other task, the cost is calculated. But if I choose another employee, the cost does not calculate for that employee. My guess is that I've messed up the table relationships somehow.


Can anyone offer help?