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Can't figure out how to relate these tables

Question asked by NickCohen on Oct 13, 2014
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Can't figure out how to relate these tables


I'm a massive opera lover and am trying to create a database to keep track of the opera productions I've seen. The main things I want to keep track of are the different operas I've seen, when I've seen them, and which singers sang which roles. In my mind, the main tables I would view would be Operas, to see an overview of all operas I've seen; Performances, to keep track of the operas I've seen multiple times; Singers, to keep track of which singers I've seen, and what roles they've performed; and Roles, to keep track of which roles I've seen performed by which singers. So as of now, the tables I have set up are Operas, Performances, Roles, Singers, and Castings (which is a join table of Roles and Singers - think Singer X as Role Y). However, one casting may be used for many performances - and each performance has many castings. I'm struggling to find a way to link everything together so that there won't be any many-to-many relationships and I'll easily be able to see the information I want while looking through the database.

I'm fairly new to FileMaker, so any help would be greatly apprecaited!