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    can't find StartMemberTrakker script



      can't find StartMemberTrakker script


      After a hard drive failure, I re-installed my FileMaker Pro 6 and moved my files from the backup external hard drive to the new hard drive.  When I go to the StartMemberTrakker icon on the desktop I get a message that the file is deleted or can't be found.  I do find StartMemberTrakker.fp5 in the Desktop folder, but I don't know how to read it to know where it's looking.

      I have Windows 7 Home on the new hard drive.

      Can anyone help?


      NASH (Liz)

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          Sounds like your StartMemberTrakker icon is a file short cut to your file. I'd guess that when you replaced your hard drive and replaced your files from the back up drive, that you ended up with this file having either a different name or different location. A change in user account name could change the file path to your desktop and this would also cause this failure.

          Right click the icon and select properties. You'll be able to see the file path and name stored with it to your file. If you edit this file path (or make a new short cut to your file), you should be able to get back in business.