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    Can't find the login screen



      Can't find the login screen


      Hello, I have set up a couple of accounts for a FileMaker file called "Contact Management".  When I open the file, I can't get to a login screen, even if I hold down the Option key while opening.  Also, I don't know how to tell which account is active when I have opened the file; I think the file is being opened under "Admin", even though I deselected that account in File Options.


      And finally, I don't understand the importance of "User Name" in the Preferences section.


      Thanks for help on these questions-- 

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          Check Manage | Access privileges and see what accounts and passwords are defined. It sounds like you have the default setting: Admin with no password. Since no password is defined, you don't get a log in asking for a password. Try adding some passwords here and you'll see a change in behavior.


          User Names (as set in the preferences) can be confusing, especially the way filemaker tries to use the current user name as the default account name during a log in. The user name setting identifies a specific copy of filemaker pro. You can access this text in calculations using Get(username) to identify the current user of the database--this can be useful in cases where your database is hosted over a network. You can also set a text field to automatically record the current user name when a record is created or when it is modified.