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    can't get 2nd record in a portal



      can't get 2nd record in a portal


      i have the relationships set up correctly, i believe, because i can see the first record in a one to many relationship, but cannot see any additional records.  the portal is set up for 6 lines.  the field name is completely within the portal box. 

      i have the relationwship set up to allow records to be added or deleted in the table i am using .like i said, the first record show fine.  what did i miss?  thanks

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          Are you doubly-certain that the relationship of the portal is exactly the same relationship as the field in the portal?

          Seeing more than one record is not affected by the adding or deleting options (except for the blank row for new records)

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            the relationships were ok.  first i tried to remove the portal and put it back in.  this got me a second record, but only in some cases.  finally, i added new test records which all worked fine.  i found that data imported into a table from an apple macbook numbers , then into excel, then into the table just does not seem to work.  it is almost as if there are characters in the fields that i cannot see.  i did have some problem with leading blank cahracters, but even deleting these did not solve all the problems.  when i enter the same data inot a new record, everythign works fine in the portal.  the reason i am going from numbers to excel is this is across platforms.  my customer is strictly mac.  i am pc based.  its only a few hundred redords so i guess i will re-input all the data by hand.  however, the import function should be able to overcome this.  if you have ideas, i am sure willing to try something as i have another table with a similar situation with about a 1000 records. 

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              Is the data meant to be totally numbers?  After importing you could Replace Field Contents with

              Filter (YourField ; "0123456789" )

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                Make sure that the fields used to define your portal's relationship are both of the same type. If one is "text" and the other "number" this can cause problems.