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Can't get date range script to work

Question asked by AvrilSouthon on Aug 13, 2014
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Can't get date range script to work


     Hello I have written a script so we can enter date ranges via global fields that are on a separate layout. The first script going to the global date layout works. The 2nd script going to the data layout where I want to run a report by date ranges isn't.

     I keep getting an error message " the provided find criteria is not valid". I have been through all the posts and can't find where I am going wrong. It would be great if you could help.

     It gets better - I can't seem to copy and paste the script even with FM so am typing it here: 

     Enter Find Mode []

     Perform Find []

     Set Field [Quote Information::Date Quote Accepted ; Quote Information::GlobalStartDate & "..." & Quote Information::GlobalEndDate]

     Enter Preview Mode

     Sort Records by Filed [Ascending; Quote Information::Date Quote Accepted]


     The script stops on the Date Quote Accepted Layout on the wrong field with the error message

     I am also trying to do a manual sort as it doesn't seem to want to do that either

     Once this is working I then need to get the Date Range on my Report Heading - some help with that would be great once this has been sorted

     thanks for your help