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Can't get Dymo 450 turbo to print labels correctly

Question asked by ajax on Jun 12, 2013
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Can't get Dymo 450 turbo to print labels correctly


     I am fairly new to FM. On FM Pro 12 I am trying to print onto 4" x 2 1/8" shipping labels from my mac. There is no preset template for this label, so I enter my custom size for the layout. I add my text and merge fields. If everything is lined up nicely in layout out mode, it looks wonky in preview mode. If I tweak it, so that it looks correct in preview mode it is all wonky in layout mode. No matter how nicely it is aligned in preview, I cannot get it to print properly. I have tried changing the paper size, made sure column setup was unchecked, tried portrait vs landscape. Nothing! It almost seems random. It either prints my text horizontally where it should be vertical or it just prints a snippet of my text, but in the correct orientation. Can someone walk me step by step throught this process? Should I give up and return the printer? Try different size labels with a preset template? I am ready to send this Dymo flying out a window : (