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Can't get Field to display related info

Question asked by RichardBrown on Aug 14, 2013
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Can't get Field to display related info


     I am trying to make a database program for my studio and I have organised, as best I know how, the layouts and tables to be work for Clients (and their relevant info), Making an Invoice, Displaying Account Info, Reports, To Do List and another Inovice layout just for printing the invoice. I have tried numerous ways to get the Client table to be related to the 'Print Invoice' table via _pkClientID (Client table) and __fkClientID (Print Invoice Table) so that the relevant ID no., email address, name etc will automatically fill in on the Print Invoice layout. I initially  tried replicating what I did between my Client table and Invoice table (which works very well) using a drop down list with the values being all the clients in the database but that didn't work - the client ID field and all other fields remained blank. I then copied the Client 'table' in the Relationship graph and linked this to the Print Invoice table to see if this would help. I have since tried as many variations as possible but now am completely lost !

     Please see the attached screen shot whch I hope will illustrate this further - Any help would be really awesome - I already posted 2 posts on this forum and got great responses which solved my previous 2 issues so I really hope I can make it 3 out of 3 !  - very best regards, - Richard