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Can't get fields to add up

Question asked by danlee on Apr 27, 2015
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Can't get fields to add up


I have calculation field MPQuota with calculation 

Let ([
SummaryYrMo = Year(Date_Meal Plan) & Right ("0"&Month (Date_Meal Plan); 2);
Today= GetAsDate (Get(CurrentHostTimeStamp));
TodayYrMo = Year (Today) & Right ("0" & Month (Today); 2)];

Case (TodayYrMo = SummaryYrMo; 1; 0)

Then a summary field, s_SummMPQuota, has the Total of MPQuota

I have a calculation field MPQuota% with calculation ( s_SummMPQuota ) / ( Trainers::SummaryActive )

This gives me the % that I want for each trainer.  But when I try to create a field to total all these percentages I get a blank for the outcome.  I created calculation field TotalAverage MPQuota, Count ( MPQuota% ) / SummaryActive Trainer

So the category under New Meal Plan should be Averaging that column.