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    Can't Get IWP To Work



      Can't Get IWP To Work


      I'm using FileMaker Pro 10 and attempting to get IWP to work.  I'm using Comcast Business Class with their modem and a Linksys WRT54G Router.  They are configured with my Static IP address.  My host computer is running FMP10 on Vista.  I can't get anyone in my office network to get to the database through the established URL on FM.  No one outside the office able to access the database either.

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          Sounds like a firewall problem to me but of course - beware of long distance advice.  :)

          OTOH there is good reason why i'm using windows xp.. not trusting microsoft to get anything  right up to service pack 2.


          You can try and use the following approach:


          Can anyone connect to <some tcp/ip service> on your machine AT ALL? if no ... suspect a firewall problem. Try tracing/pinging your machine from a remote host.

          You need to open the port the tcp/ip service uses (default for IWP is port 80). -> Firewall

          Make sure you have IWP configured in such a way so it does not block incoming traffic by IP address. (Thats the default setting)


          Does your service provider block the traffic (unusual, but has been known to happen, prolly not in your case, since any provider dishing out static IPs knows what to expect :p)


          It is possible that your machine uses IP6 as the tcp/ip default protocol...switch to IP4. (Hello Vista ;)

          Your router/modem might block the traffic. Try activating "uPNP" in your router/modem so your machine can automatically open IWP to the world. (Assuming you're not trying to use a tunnelling protocol)


          Before expecting IWP as the culprit i would try to debug/answer above points.

          Good luck hunting :)

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            Sorry about the slightly off topic thread.


            Anyway, i got my problem solved by installing an apache webserver which then delivers the locally stored files as "http://my.address/... " and that seems to satisfy IWP(WebViewer) just fine. 5 minute install & configure. Very nice piece of software to go with IWP :)