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can't get my calculation field to change from unstored to indexed...

Question asked by hanstrager on Jan 31, 2013
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can't get my calculation field to change from unstored to indexed...


     I got a randome problem that has come up after touching up my data base.

     Basically I got a conditional value list in my Zip table, where you can choose different zip types, and based on that a zip size. In the same table I got a calculation field to give me a full name of any particular zip fx. YKK, M8, 36cm, Open ended, White. Not all these properties are always needed so I use the following in my calculation field:

     Substitute ( List ( Zip_Category  ;  Zips_spec 2::Size   ;  Zip_Length  ;  Zip_opening   ;  Zip_Color ) ; ¶ ; ", " ).

     This full name is then being used in my portal in my ‘technical sheet 2’  table for a BOM.

     The probem starts when I realized that the size field in my conditional value list was only sshowing the xZIPSPEC_ID so I made another field for showing the actual size from Zips_spec2::Size, and put on top of my field with the drop down and took off the option of field entry in browse mode. 'Zips_spec2::Size' was then put into my calculation field for showing the name properly, instead of an ID.

     But then my list of zips dosen’t show up in my portal in ‘technical sheet 2’ in my BOM and is giving me the following message:

     “This value list will not work because the field “Full Zip name” cannot be indexed.  Proceed anyway?”

     Then I go back to my calculation field which is ‘Full Zip name’, which have changed from indexed to unstored when trying to change it back to indexed it gives me the following error:

     “The calculation “Full Zip name” cannot be stored or indexed because it references a related field, a summary field, an unstored calculation field, or a field with global storage.”

     Which I guess is due to the newly added ‘Zips_spec 2::Size’. Does anyone know how to either get my calculation field stored again, but so I see the size from my conditional value list and also can use the full zip name in my BOM..?