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    Can't get related data to show



      Can't get related data to show


      I am trying to set up a fairly simple contacts database comprised of firms and employees within those firms. The database comprises of 2 tables: a firms table and an employees table.

      I have created a relationship between the two with the firms tables as the parent table and the employees table as the child table with a one to many relationship from the former to the latter. I have used auomatically generated unique serial numbers for the primary key field in the firm table.

      In the employee layout I have populated the foreign key field with a the primary key field for the firm table in a drop down menu which works fine. I am able to select the appropriate firm for the appropriate employee.

      The problem is that when I try to pull data from the parent (firms) table by dragging, for example an address field from the firm table, the field remains blank. In edit layout mode it shows up as ::address.

      I suspect I am missing something pretty obvious.

      Any thoughts?

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          Hi Remy,

          If you have looked at the IDs as edit boxes so you can clearly see the data and made sure there are no spaces or carriage returns (and that the data type is the same FirmID in both tables then it should work.  Everything you describe appears to be correct.

          Are there any other table occurrences of these tables that you might have used instead of the primary relationship?  Type only a 1 in the IDs in both tables and take a look.