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Can't get relationship to work

Question asked by Beemer on Nov 12, 2013
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Can't get relationship to work


     Using FMPro12.

     Have used FM for some years and never had a problem with a relationship before, but I'm stumped with this one. Hope someone can help.

     2 databases: PR and Client Codes

     Set up 2 tables in PR database: PR and Client Codes (imported from the existing Client Codes database)

     Set up relationship between the 2 tables on a field called Client Code (sorry about database and field being almost same name, but it's historic) PR::Client Code = Client Codes::Client Code

     I want to show contents of field Client Codes::Client on layouts in the PR database.

     I've tried making a pure lookup based on the relationship and have also tried inserting a portal with display data from Client codes::Client, but nothing seems to work.

     Tried relookup on an existing record and tried creating a new record, but nothing doing.

     All fields are set as text fields.

     Any ideas from anyone?

     If you need screenshots or other details let me know