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Can't get Scroll Window to work

Question asked by deathrobot on Mar 16, 2015
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Can't get Scroll Window to work


Hi. I have a simple document viewer that is triggered by a button. The script is:

New Window [ Name: "Document View"; Height: 1100; Width: 850; Top: 0; Left: -5000; Style: Floating Document; Close: “Yes”; Minimize:
“No”; Maximize: “No”; Zoom Control Area: “No”; Resize: “Yes” ]

Show/Hide Menubar
[ Hide ]

Show/Hide Toolbars
[ Hide ]

Set Zoom Level [ 100%; Camera: Back; Resolution: Full ]

Go to Layout [ “Document: Quick View” (Documents) ]

Perform Find [ Specified Find Requests: Find Records; Criteria: Documents::id: “=$docID” ]
[ Restore ]

Move/Resize Window [ Name: "Document View"; Current file; Top: $topMR +15; Left: Case (
$widthMR ≥ 850;
( ($widthMR - 850 ) / 2 ) + $leftMR;
( (850- $widthMR ) / 2 ) - $leftMR
) ]

Scroll Window
[ Home ]

(There are some opening steps that set some variables which I didn't include here)

I need the Scroll Window step because sometimes the document is a little longer than the window. However, the document always displays scrolled to the bottom. I've played with every other option for Scroll Window, and nothing seems to happen at all. I've also tried adding a pause before the Scroll Window step and refreshing the window first. Neither of those have any effect. Is there a step I'm missing?