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Can't get SMTP to work.

Question asked by WillGonz on Jul 7, 2009
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Can't get SMTP to work.


First I must say with FileMarker Server I am able to configure and test SMTP just fine.  However when I use this script it displays an uninformative message that my email didn't go through.  I have opened up SMTP completely and I know the risks blah blah blah.  Also it would be nice if FileMaker made the messages with more information and if they provided a test button in the SMTP setup.  I think I wore out my mouse button.  Oh the server is SMTP built into Exchange Server 2003.  Also I can telnet to it just fine.


Enter Find Mode [  ] 

Set Field [ little Database::Needs Reorder; "Reorder" ] 

Perform Find [  ] 

If [ Get ( FoundCount )>0 ] 

Go to Record/Request/Page 

[ First ] 


Send Mail [ Send via SMTP Server; Multiple Messages; To: ""; Subject: "Item needs reordered"; 

Message: little Database::Name; Name: "Admin"; Email Address: ""; Reply-To 

Address: ""; SMTP Server: "MYSERVER"; Port: 25; Authentication Type: None ] 

[ No dialog ] 

Go to Record/Request/Page 

[ Next; Exit after last ] 

End Loop 

End If